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  • Customers: How to Get Cash Back

    Customers: How to Get Cash Back

    Reserve cash back online ($0.25 to $1.00), then verify with the advertiser at purchase. Some advertisers choose to offer more than $1. When your cash back account reaches $10 or more, request a check. Up to 7 times a month on each site, a $7.00 cash back bonus is added upon verification. Create a customer account now.

  • Businesses: How to Advertise

    Businesses: How to Advertise

    Businesses create their pay-for-results ad with no cost up front. Ads are invoiced only after a customer claims cash back, and the business has verified his or her purchase or presence (a successful result). For $1 customer cash back, you'll pay $4. High-value transaction businesses may choose to offer larger rewards to attract more customers. Business with low-value transactions may choose to offer $.25, $.50, or $.75 cash back, with correspondingly smaller service fees. Learn more now.

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